As part of the university’s commitment to expanding its global engagement along with furthering the safety and security of those on university travel, and in keeping with the university’s travel policies, the Global Safety and Security Assessment Committee (GSSAC) developed the following guidance related to travel that takes place prior to, during the course of, and/or immediately following a scheduled program but is not part of the program.  This guidance is intended to enable the university to communicate with travelers if unexpected events or conditions create circumstances that might pose health or safety risks, even if the traveler is on a personal side trip.

All side trips outside program time or away from the program are considered personal in nature.  Personal trips are defines as leisure activities not directly related to the educational experience of the Northeastern program.  All university travelers must adhere to the following side trip guidance:

  • Students participating in university travel are required to register their personal side travel on My Travel Plans via the MyNortheastern portal.
  • Travelers must rely on their personal health and other insurances while on personal side trips, but may avail themselves of the university’s response program for country information, alerts, and to identify support resources.  More information about insurance requirements
  • Personal side trips to high risk or sanctioned areas (as defined by Northeastern travel policies) are discouraged.  
  • Travelers are responsible for knowing and following all immigration requirements including any fees, testing and quarantines related to exit and reentry.
  • Travelers are responsible for any impact to their program as a result of travel disruptions associated with the side trip; including, but not limited to: failure to return to the program’s host country, quarantine or isolation as part of reentry, requirement to remain in side-trip destination due to medical care, etc.

In addition to the above, travelers are expected to adhere to the below program-specific guidance:

Leisure Travel (not associated with a university program):

  • Travelers assume all personal responsibility and liability for leisure travel.

Faculty-led Groups (includes embedded trips)

  • When planning a side trip from a faculty-led program, please consult with your faculty lead or program advisor, and complete the “Travel Deviation Plan & Request Form.”
  • Travelers must receive specific permission from the faculty lead for any personal or elective trips that deviate from the group itinerary and/or location. Travelers must provide the faculty lead and/or his/her designee:
    • with specific travel information including accommodations, transport types, and departure and return times;
    • with the number to an operating cellphone
  • Unless otherwise approved by the faculty lead:
    • Travelers may not leave the country where the group is located.
    • Any authorized side trips in country may not be more than 2 hours driving distance from the Dialogue group accommodations.  Faculty and/or the university may set more restrictive permissions based upon curriculum, location, and/or and current conditions.
    • Travelers must return same night to their respective Dialogue group and are required to overnight with their respective Dialogue.
  • Travelers who voluntarily leave the group without following the above expectations may:
    • be deemed to have withdrawn from the Northeastern program,
    • be subject to disciplinary or other action,
    • forfeit any return transportation arrangements made through the group, and
    • be ineligible for assistance provided by Northeastern or its assistance providers.
  • Travelers assume all personal responsibility and liability for personal side trips that deviate from the group itinerary, location or accommodations.

Traditional Study Abroad

  • Travelers on a Traditional Study Abroad program who wish to pursue a side trip from their primary assigned location are expected to add their side trip to My Travel Plans at least 48 hours in advance of any travel.
  • Students requesting to travel to a high risk or sanctioned area (as defined in the Northeastern Travel Policy) on a side trip must abide by the GSSAC petition process and may not pursue the side trip without express written permission from GSSAC. GSSAC requires a minimum of five (5) business days to review a petition.

Co-op Work Related Travel

  • Co-op students are expected to discuss work related travel with their co-op employers prior to and during the co-op, and inform their co-op advisor.
  • Students should enter their travel itinerary, including transportation and overnight accommodations, in My Travel Plans at least 48 hours in advance of any travel.
  • Any travel to, within, or out of high risk or sanctioned areas as part of a co-op assignment must be immediately brought to the attention of the co-op advisor and the student must follow the GSSAC petition process.
  • Travelers who fail to follow and abide by the petition process may not be eligible for insurance or assistance provided by Northeastern or its assistance providers, and may be subject to disciplinary or other action. and NU Bound Participants

  • Due to the continually evolving COVID-19 Pandemic, travelers are discouraged from taking side trips outside of the program’s host country as it may have financial and academic ramifications to the traveler’s experience on the program.
  • Travelers must inform the Program Leader (or their designee) about prospective side trips and complete the Program Deviation form prior to departing on the trip.
  • Travelers are responsible for any impact on their academic standing with the host institution and will not be excused for missing class due to a reentry quarantine.